Welcome to Varley




11 Responses to “Welcome to Varley”

  1. really nice staff here. these are print scans right? which enlarger are you using if so.

  2. i’m sure it will get a good review 🙂
    the prints look very nice.

  3. Awesome man, I have been waiting for an update for so long! Good to have you back! Stuff looks grea, keep it up.

  4. Petebarker said

    The first two and the third from the bottom are my favorites.

  5. Andras said

    The shot of the dude sitting under the Beatles poster is great… he looks so glum yet they look so happy

  6. ahappycamper said

    great entry,
    glad you’re gonna post more often, I need a good dose of black n white photo blogs, dont know why… I just do.
    Cheers from the Philippines

  7. suzage said

    It’s good to see you’re enjoying yourself so much! I like the diversity of the spontaneous portraiture and the more environmental shots.

  8. Tom Church said

    Awesome shots dude. I’m wondering whether I should go to Brighton Uni, is the nightlife good? I’ve heard many different opinions!

  9. roentarre said

    They are simply sooo cool. The kind of photography I really like. Great photography !

  10. Severn said

    please update more. love the photos.

  11. lovely black and whites jamie. full of character

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