Wales over easter


Not sure many people check this blog these days but I thought I’d update it with some new snaps

I traveled down to Wales over easter with my family and girlfriend.
Took a few snaps down there, nothing fancy aside from just recording what we got up to.

On an aside, I’m starting to really enjoy the new 5d Mark II – getting a hang of how to handle the files.



11 Responses to “Wales over easter”

  1. Harrison said

    First shot is a corker. Nice tones you’re getting. Been working on 5D bw tones a lot recently too.


  2. Anonymous said

    Your blog is quite beautiful.

  3. RC said

    Have faith J.

    We still read your blog. (Gotta love RSS)


  4. jim said

    love the b&w, nice tones and the look of the place.

  5. Great stuff man. You still have a strong following it seems.
    Keept it up.

  6. Eva said

    I do read along, too, and really like your new shots, especially the young archer and the one before.

  7. Carl said

    Looking good as always, keep up the good work

    • jam stoker said

      Thank you very much, had a look around you website and I’m liking what I
      see, you photograph with a very pleasing and consistent eye.

      • Carl said

        Thanks for looking at my homepage and for the kind words, really appreciated!
        I really like to look at your homepage and blog as I find your picture to always be simple (in a good way, don’t get me wrong) and timeless. Looking forward for more updates.


  8. Laurent said

    NIce serie, it looks authentik. I really like the ones with typical british landscapes. Thanks for sharing !

  9. Suzan said

    Some damn classy shots, dude! Love the overall feel of this entry.

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