Out for a Smoke


So we have to do one last little documentary project to round off the first year of our Photography BA, along with a few essays and such.
I’m doing mine in student smokers, not very ground breaking I know but cigarettes interest me with their conflict of a glamorized past and a medically condemned future.

Just some simple 6×6 portraits which will be displayed along with excerpts from the subjects on why they smoke and what it means to them.
Minolta Autocord with Hp5+, definitely a work in progress – I am planning to get alot more subjects before the project is over.




5 Responses to “Out for a Smoke”

  1. I would really like to see more of this. I’m planning to do something similar too, I just got myself a mamiya beauty help me out.

  2. Simon said

    wooow amazingly sharp, those pictures. and a good project, i’d be curious to read the whole thing..

  3. Sebastian said

    Would have been a short project if you had stopped it after two benches 😉

    Nice portraits. Admit it, you just need an excuse to hang out with your friends who all smoke :O

  4. Carl said

    Really nice portraits all of them, looks like it’ll be a good project!

  5. Suzan said

    Maaan, especially the first two frames are killer!
    If you contextualize this series well with a couple of words about the ambiguity of the image of smoking, like you mentioned, then I think you set it apart from just the aesthetics and add a very interesting layer. Would be interested in what the smokers have to say as well!

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