A recent fashion shoot


I recently got comissioned to shoot a 4th year fashion student named Amy Clint’s final collection.
This is effectively her culmination of four years of hard work and needless to say I was really quite impressed by the design and finish
of her clothes, as well as being really excited to do a first shoot with my new toy.

Anyway the shoot went really well, and below are some of the final images of the dresses which we printed out at A3 and A4 for her show.



7 Responses to “A recent fashion shoot”

  1. Simon said

    wow jamie, i’m sincerely impressed!

    those COLOURS! 😀 what film is that, by the way?

  2. ahappycamper said

    dude. crazy colors! Portra?

  3. Amy said

    Knockout Jamie! thanks

  4. Andreas said

    really inspiring work!! your new tool is the shit…

  5. really good Jamie. Seriously impressive.

  6. Carl said

    Really nice pictures, very british look! And congrats to the Mamiya, that’s a brilliant piece of camera.

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