Thoughts on the Mamiya 7 in use…


When buying a new camera, it always takes a while for one to become comfortable with how best to operate it, and also when you should reach it over another camera. Being a new and very exciting purchase I’ve been using my Mamiya 7 alot recently. Scroll down a few posts and you’ll see a few fashion shots I took with the camera, where I really enjoyed using the camera. Lots of available light, a model and an assistant, considered shooting on 120 film. Below I’m going to post the complete opposite, i.e. photographs I’ve taken out and about of friends, sometimes a little under the influence of alcohol, other times inside where the light is hardly ideal for an F4 lens, – whilst the shots came out okay, I think in the future the Mamiya 7 will be spared for what its best at – slow considered portraiture or documenting places, and when it comes to snaps out and about I think thats the realm of the Leica.

Probably the worst license plate I have ever seen.

Outside the studio of Ben Roberts who I have been assisting over the summer – amused to see a photoshoot happening on his doorstep!

The above color shots were taken during the Great Escape festival which takes place in Brighton during the spring of every year, highly recommended!

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