Can finally start posting on this again. Moved into a new house in Brighton and we finally have internet now!

I often find that my motivation to photograph (and by extension all the developing/scanning that comes with it) peaks and dips as the weeks go by.
Sometimes there is so much to do in life that you dont always want to have to worry about F/stops and ISO’s but anywho, as it stands I’m having a very good month where all I want to do is photograph. I have new film, new paper, bought some elinchrom skyports which are really nifty and are helping me with my new quest to increase my knowledge of lighting and am working hard for my project deadline.

If anyone still checks this it feels good to be writing again and i will post some new shots over the next day or so.


5 Responses to “BACK…”

  1. Suzan said

    Awesome! And very recognizable. I’m in a photographic dip right now.

  2. Chris said

    I hear ya on not wanting to worry about F/stops and what not all the time. Sometimes its fun to just kick back and put it on Auto if you can. Looking forward to some more pictures

  3. Carl said

    Hi Jamie,

    looks good and great to see that you’re back. Always inspiring to see your work and look forward to future post.

    Keep up the god work!


  4. Polskey said

    I LOVE this image Jamie – good work 😉

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