I make sure to always save a part of any money I make from commissions for new gear, and last week I saw a chance to spend some of that on a camera that has always fascinated me but tends to be very hard to find in good condition/for a reasonable price. I got the above for both – it might as well be brand new.

The Plaubel Makina 67 is a 6×7 Medium Format folding Rangefinder with a F2.8 80mm Nikkor Lens. Although its sturdily made out of a big hunk of metal the lens retracts via a bellows into the body making it extremely compact for a 6×7 camera. It also has a leaf shutter (sync at all speeds), built in spot meter and a really nice bright viewfinder.

I love the idea of a really compact well made 6×7 rangefinder but one with fast (for medium format) lens. So excited to finally own one especially one in such good nick.

I shot a test roll today of my girlfriend Ella as we walked around London in the winter sun whilst checking out the Taylor Wessing Photographic portrait prize and the Norman Parkinson exhibition at Somerset house. Both recommended if you are in London. Anywho I’ll be dev’ing and scanning the film this week so I will probably post a short review of the camera alongside as information on these rare beasts is somewhat scare on the internet!



4 Responses to “A NEW TOY….”

  1. iammrnovember said

    In the movie “Palermo shotting”, the last one from Wim Wenders, a story of a photographer, the guy shoots a Makina!

  2. shashank said

    what happened to the mamiya 7?

  3. Jennifer Balcombe said


    thanks for the comment on my blog. email me your details and lets all have a drink over christmas some time: jenniferbalcombe@hotmail.co.uk


  4. this is a nice machine. i’m really looking forward to see some photographs you did with it. btw. have you seen palermo shooting?

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