I have to say I’m absolutely loving this new camera. It’s really late and I have a lecture tomorrow so I’ll have to be brief for now:

  • Because the lens folds into the body the camera is very very compact and portable. Love that I can have something in a bag or a big coat pocket that can take such high quality images
  • The lens itself – a 80mm Nikkor is amazing – and so great to shoot at F2.8 if I need to, both for low light and depth of field purposes. The one drawback of my Mamiya 7.
  • Build in spot meter seems to be totally accurate and once you get the hang of a spot meter its very useful
  • The camera is built like a tank – obviously one must be careful of the bellows but otherwise its one big hunk of metal – feels like my leica on steroids.
  • Rangefinder focusing – quiet, accurate and of course no mirror slap so I can shoot at about 1/10 and still get sharpish images.

I must sleep now! More shots and thoughts on this camera soon!



  1. Sebastian said

    Beautiful portraits. Seems like it was the right choice for you. Looking forward to see more!

  2. Magda said

    compact medium format camera? my god, this is something i’d love to have in the future… waiting for more shots:)

  3. Vilsonius said

    Congratulations on getting the Makina, I also bought one a week ago and I was stunned from the results, the Nikkor lens at 2.8 is a dream. Unfortunately my meter is not working (the well known problem of the Makina) so I use a Sekonic meter instead. I will probably send it to Plaubel for repair (they still repair Makinas), nevertheless it’s one of the best cameras ever made, 6×7 in such a compact design, it’s amazing !!!

    • Yeah it seems to be an awesome, awesome camera! The dude I bought it off had it recently repaired so fingers crossed it stays good – he got it repaired by Plaubel and said it was expensive but didn’t mention how much..

  4. Vilsonius said

    One question please, would you consider the Plaubel meter comparable to the Leica M6, I mean do you use the meter of your Plaubel the same way as the M6? ( I also own a Leica M6 and I was wondering if i can use it’s built in meter to also set the exposure on my Plaubel until I fix it)

    • yes absolutely – from what I can remember both have a smaller – than – center weighted meter so useful to take various readings off skin tones and such – and avoid backlighting! I also often meter of the back of my hand as a sort of DIY incident meter – and also use a handheld sekonic if i need it!

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