I recently got a really nice condition Yashica MG-1 on ebay for a bargain price. I have a Leica M6 that I use for serious work but I wanted little rangefinder to use at parties and stuff when I’ve had a bit too much to drink and don’t want have something expensive round my neck. I think it also looks pretty rad and these Yashicas are built really well. I already have the GSN which is a more expensive version with a 50mm 1.7 lens but that I soon going to go on ebay because I need some £££ over xmas.

Anywho I thought I’d post a few shots from a test roll from the camera, and quickly say that having a dip into rangefinder cameras is well worth a go. They tend to be smaller and quieter than SLR’s and I definitely find them better cameras for documenting things. When you can buy really good quality ones like the MG-1 for less than £20 it’s something to consider. Apart from the obvious tradition of Magnum photographers and Leica’s there are lots of young photographs documenting their lives with them today – a couple of blogs to recommend would be Severin and Bernhard and although it can be quite techy at times, a great resource for all things rangefinder related is the rangefinder forum.

On to the shots:

Any questions leave a comment and I’ll try and help!

5 Responses to “RANGEFINDERS…”

  1. are these your prints mate?

  2. very nice! are these prints or do you scan managing to keep the neg border?

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