So carrying on with the  mammoth amount of film that I have to scan this Christmas break, I started on 2 year + old roll of slide film. Nothing earth shattering, just some snaps of my friends but I really love the color that one gets from slide film. Seems to be full of colors yet beautifully unsaturated at the same time. Anywho this roll was shot on a Bessa R2a and 35mm 1.7 Ultron if I remember correctly! Next up I’ve started to scan some 6×7 color neg that I shot in the summer whilst travelling around the Czech Republic. Reminder that today and tomorrow useful photography related bits and bobs are ending on Ebay so scroll down to a few posts back to see the items and perhaps sneak in a bid!

If I don’t have time for another update beforehand – Happy Christmas! And thanks for reading the blog, It feels like I’ve got back into the swing of things in terms of more regular updates!


  1. Great pics, Jamie. I was tempted by your Yashica on eBay but decided I have enough stuff to carry around (am travelling at the moment). Looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2010.

  2. joewheatley said

    This slides are great Jamie, i’m thinking of running some Velvia through my Mamiya 7. I’ve just got myself a v700 – can you pass any advice on your scanning workflow?

    • Hi there – sorry for the late reply!

      Scanning E6 on the V700 I select film holder – positive color, and usually scan enough Res to make a A4 at 300dpi, and I just try to scan in the image really flat with no shadows or highlights clipped and then do the rest in PS, although obviously with slide film your image is near enough exposed for you so there isnt much post involved with such scans.

      • joewheatley said

        Thanks for that Jamie, big help! I’ve just had some nice results from some tmax 400 scans. I’m guessing you use epson scan? Do you archive at 300dpi?



      • yep, I use epson scan, dpi depending on what type of prints im trying to make but for general archiving i try to have A4 @ 300dpi so I can save a jpeg of that on flickr as a backup

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