back in the darkroom…


On Friday’s we have been having great black and white printing masterclasses. We learnt a really awesome method of split grading your filter contrasts and exposures to help reach a pleasing final print. I scanned in below my workings from the workshop – from the original split test, through the test strips to the final print. Scanning them in has probably impacted slightly on the tones and no doubt added some dust but it still might be interesting to see. Next week we move on to fibre paper. Exciting times.

This post is in a way a test. I was thinking how best to use this blog aside from snaps taken here and there. In the coming projects of my BA Photography at Brighton University I’m going to scan in all my briefs/contacts/work prints/shots etc to try and give more of an insight into how I’m going about my work at the moment. Hopefully it will be interesting and I think at the very least it will encourage me to be productive.

Till next time,


10 Responses to “back in the darkroom…”

  1. Jenja said

    Nice idea! Keep on posting.

  2. samphibian said

    yo dude! (this is sam from colchester btw) been checking out your blog and admiring how much you’ve added since i last saw you, the holiday season went by so fast 😦 these posts are really interesting, looking forward to reading more

    i’ve started putting a few bits and pieces of mine up on my blog, need to update it more regularly though.

    much love xx

  3. tom jamieson said

    awesome man. hes a lecturer on my course at falmouth!

  4. ckovalev said

    And we’ll be following you with great interest and pleasure! 🙂
    Thanks for your blog and your photos, Jamie!

  5. mohd said

    greetings from singapore!

  6. Sebastian said

    I somehow cant make out the technique .. You actually just arrange the filters right on the paper and check which gives the best tones ? Or was there some different method ?

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