My good friend Livi came to visit me in Brighton – a joy to photograph as ever especially when the seafront was as atmospheric and cold as it was. Shots like this make you realise how great it is to have a full frame sensor. Taken on a Nikon E series 50mm 1.8 pancake lens with adapter. Now all someone needs to make is a full frame digital m mount rangefinder which isn’t depressingly expensive and I can die a happy man!

p.s Hello 2010! Back and settled now in Brighton so new shots should resume!


Wales over easter


Not sure many people check this blog these days but I thought I’d update it with some new snaps

I traveled down to Wales over easter with my family and girlfriend.
Took a few snaps down there, nothing fancy aside from just recording what we got up to.

On an aside, I’m starting to really enjoy the new 5d Mark II – getting a hang of how to handle the files.