My good friend Livi came to visit me in Brighton – a joy to photograph as ever especially when the seafront was as atmospheric and cold as it was. Shots like this make you realise how great it is to have a full frame sensor. Taken on a Nikon E series 50mm 1.8 pancake lens with adapter. Now all someone needs to make is a full frame digital m mount rangefinder which isn’t depressingly expensive and I can die a happy man!

p.s Hello 2010! Back and settled now in Brighton so new shots should resume!


So carrying on with the ¬†mammoth amount of film that I have to scan this Christmas break, I started on 2 year + old roll of slide film. Nothing earth shattering, just some snaps of my friends but I really love the color that one gets from slide film. Seems to be full of colors yet beautifully unsaturated at the same time. Anywho this roll was shot on a Bessa R2a and 35mm 1.7 Ultron if I remember correctly! Next up I’ve started to scan some 6×7 color neg that I shot in the summer whilst travelling around the Czech Republic. Reminder that today and tomorrow useful photography related bits and bobs are ending on Ebay so scroll down to a few posts back to see the items and perhaps sneak in a bid!

If I don’t have time for another update beforehand – Happy Christmas! And thanks for reading the blog, It feels like I’ve got back into the swing of things in terms of more regular updates!



Been a really busy week.

On the weekend I got back from an awesome photography trip to Paris to see some shows.

We saw Paris Photo which is always totally overwhelming, a real melting pot of inspiring photographs and prints, both old and new, with this huge hall in the Carousel de Louvre full to the brim with glamorous photographers and gallery owners and then lots of poor looking students gazing at massive prints and looking amazing and lost at the same time. Good fun. We also saw an exhibition of photographs from the war in Afghanistan by VII photographers which was very powerful, and on the last day an exhibition of the finalists of the Prix Pictet 2009 (won this year by Nadav Kander for his Yahtzee series) which was amazing.

In between then and now I’ve been to London from Brighton and back again to see Arsenal Vs. Standard Liege (2-0) and then tomorrow I’m back off to London for Arsenal Vs. Chelsea on Sunday and before then on friday I’m assisting Ben Roberts and the BJP’s Vision conference where he’s talking as well as Martin Parr and Eugene Richards. Should be a really good day – hit me up if anyone reading is gonna be there.

I’ll finish this post with a recent 6×7 shot from the Emirates. Plan to shoot alot of medium format in the near future and I also have alot of rolls to get back from the lab to scan and post.

Take it easy,