Wishing anyone out there reading this a happy new year!

P.s. – I recently got interviewed on a nice photography blog called MOSSLESS. You can read it in full by clicking the image above

Edit: Link actually working now! whoops!


So carrying on with the ¬†mammoth amount of film that I have to scan this Christmas break, I started on 2 year + old roll of slide film. Nothing earth shattering, just some snaps of my friends but I really love the color that one gets from slide film. Seems to be full of colors yet beautifully unsaturated at the same time. Anywho this roll was shot on a Bessa R2a and 35mm 1.7 Ultron if I remember correctly! Next up I’ve started to scan some 6×7 color neg that I shot in the summer whilst travelling around the Czech Republic. Reminder that today and tomorrow useful photography related bits and bobs are ending on Ebay so scroll down to a few posts back to see the items and perhaps sneak in a bid!

If I don’t have time for another update beforehand – Happy Christmas! And thanks for reading the blog, It feels like I’ve got back into the swing of things in terms of more regular updates!

So I about a week ago I got back around 30 rolls of b&w, e6 and c41 negs back from the lab, and my aim was to crack on with scanning them all in over the christmas holidays (what better holiday to be inside scanning than when its cold, wet and dark outside eh?). With that in mind heres some from the first roll – shot on a Konica Hexar AF (great camera) and Trix 400.